We are pleased to announce the introduction of in-store snowboard and ski tuning and repair services. The meticulous maintenance of well-preserved bases and edges is paramount for optimizing your enjoyment on the slopes. We strongly advise regular waxing, edge sharpening/de-burring, and base inspection every few days on the mountain to ensure a consistently smooth glide, reliable edge grip, and predictable performance.

We offer an array of comprehensive options to facilitate the maintenance of your snow equipment in impeccable working condition. When you entrust your gear to us, our experienced professionals will conduct a thorough assessment of your edges and base structure, providing you with a complimentary estimate for any recommended work. Our commitment is to deliver ski and board services promptly and with precision, enabling you to expeditiously return to the slopes with equipment finely tuned to excel in your preferred conditions.

Snowboard / ski ~ wax only: $25.00 + tax
Snowboard / ski ~ side edge sharpen only: $25.00 + tax
Snowboard / ski ~ wax & side edge sharpen: $45.00 + tax
Snowboard / ski ~ repair: repairs will be quoted after tech inspection 

Drop off in store at 581 Bank St.

  • 2-5 business day turn around depending on volume and time dropped off.
  • Please note, all base and edge repairs take extra time to set. 
  • Drop your board off on a Monday for shortest turn around time.