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The all-new ACE AF1 features game-changing performance without compromising the original geometry. Touting our proprietary casting process, years in the making, the ACE AF1 has a 70% increase in the aluminum’s integral strength making it the strongest cast truck on the market. Coupled with new SCM440 steel axles and a true T6 heat-treating the AF1 has superior strength throughout. It's also the first truck ever to include re-threading axle nuts*, meaning you'll never have stripped axles again. 

For all those begging for an 8.5" axle, the AF1 55 has you covered. An all-new 77 model AF1 with 9.5" axles now sits as the widest truck we have ever offered for sale. After you tour the long list of features, grab a set and feel the difference, you won't be disappointed.

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